Brickwork Expert

Kenney Landscaping offers only the best in brickwork. Bricks serve as central landscape features, decorative trim, and pathways leading us to a restful destination. With various sizes and colors available, Kenney Landscape’s designers artfully incorporate these bricks into traditional patterns, imaginative mosaics, and bespoke designs.

The anti-slip surface adds safety to rustic pathways, doubling as seating or handrails. Your property’s raw edges are opportunities: a brick border around patios, walkways, and gardens enhances beauty while safeguarding against weed whackers and runoff.

Eye-level aesthetics shine too, with our experts crafting inviting brick fire pits or fireplaces. Unwind, relishing the cozy ambiance, or indulge in a complete outdoor living addition, including a full kitchen.

For unparalleled guidance on luxury color, style, design, and function, paired with Metro Detroit and Oakland’s premier installation service, connect with Kenney Landscaping.