Brickwork Expert

When it comes to construction, the granddaddy of materials is bricks. It is estimated that they have been used since about 7,000 BC, but today’s incarnation is a far cry from the sunbaked blocks created in the Ancient Middle East. Those first bricks could only be used indoors because they would disintegrate when exposed to the elements. It took almost 4,000 years for man to make the first fire-baked type. The increased durability and weather-resistant qualities led to a new era in construction. The first use in the colonies dates back to 1612 in Virginia, and in New Amsterdam, people found themselves on the original yellow-brick road. Fast forward to 1852 when Richard A. Ver Valen of Haverstraw patented the first brick-making machine. Those first industrial applications produced nearly 25,000 a day, and today the number is closer to a half-million daily.

Gone are the days of simple applications, and bricks are now used as landscape centerpieces, decorative trim, and in most places that our feet touch the ground. They are available in many sizes and colors, and the designers at Kenney Landscape incorporate those qualities into traditional patterns, mosaics, or designs taken from your imagination. Where others see a challenge, our experts see a blank slate waiting to blossom.

Using retaining walls to level out a difficult slope, we can transform a worn-down footpath into a beautiful brick staircase. The non-slip surface adds a measure of safety to a rustic pass-through. The walls also work to prevent soil erosion, can double as seating or as handrails. If you look around, your property is full of raw edges. Adding a brick border to a patio, walkway, or garden can enhance their beauty. In some cases, like flower beds, the border adds a level of protection from weedwhackers and water runoff. Brick walkways and pathways are a great way to connect different features of your landscape. Rather than your yard looking like many individual spots, these connections create a look of continuity, and in doing that, make the property seem larger.

As the saying goes, go big or go home, so why not do both. For many years, brick has been the material of choice for driveways because they have a high load capacity and are relatively easy to maintain. If one brick needs replacing, it is a much simpler task than repaving a section. For those who prefer the look at eye-level rather than underfoot, that is where our experts shine. You’ll enjoy putting your feet up to enjoy the warmth and serene setting a brick fire pit or fireplace can bring, and for the whole experience, a complete outdoor living area complete with a full kitchen.

Our backyards have become a getaway from home while not having to leave, and the choices we make are long-lasting. For the best advice on color, style, design, and function, along with the top-rated installation service in the Metro Detroit and Oakland areas, contact Kenney Landscaping. Our landscape and hardscape designs are second to none, and it is our goal to exceed the high standards that are reflected in our 5-star reviews.