Armada, Michigan

The Village of Armada, Michigan, is a wonderful step back to a simpler way of life. Located north of Detroit, the quaint 1850s-era downtown area is surrounded by orchards and family-owned farms. The town is full of historic homes and friendly residents. In 2019, Reader’s Digest named Armada the 23rd nicest place to live in the United States and the #1 place to live in Michigan.

While passing through the town of about 2,000 people, there is no missing the giant apple sitting atop Blake’s Big Apple. It is hard to look up here and not see something Blake-related. The Big Apple, though, is where you can spend a whole day and still not cover all the attractions. Come fall, you can try a round of the top-rated Zombie paintball in Michigan. A haunted hayride leads to a three-story haunted barn if you can survive the apocalypse. The Funland has a corn maze, petting zoo, and a play area for the younger crowd. Try some of the Cider Mill donuts, hand-made fudge, and hand-dipped caramel apples when hunger strikes. No matter the season, something is happening at Blakes Orchard, including apple and strawberry picking, hard cider tasting, or a winter wagon ride to pick and cut down your own Christmas tree. You can find over forty kinds of apples growing here.

Perhaps the top event Armada is known for is the Annual Fair. In 2022, The Armada Agricultural Society celebrates the 150th year of its parade. There is truly something for everyone as the events include monster tractor and truck pulls, smash-up derby, rodeo, livestock competition, and live music. When you add in the carnival attractions and wonderful fair food, you won’t want to miss one day of the weeklong celebration.

Not far behind the fair is Armada-Geddon. The Halloween celebration includes a 5k run, parade, and Viking Rune Stone readings. It is everything Zombie, from the Mr. and Ms. Zombie contest to the zombification booth and the Zombie Preparedness Seminar.

The historic Armada Grain Elevator was built in the 1870s and used to ship navy beans across the country via railroad. The elevator is owned and still operated by The Hollweg family. Not only do they buy and sell grain, but they also produce Armada Brand animal supplies and pet food.

There is the Sheepy Hollow Farm for a day of fun and learning. Oberhasli goats from Switzerland and Shetland Wether sheep are for viewing and sale. You can even learn how to get your goats and sheep prepared to give birth. There are also classes available in farming and cheese and soap making.

In such a nature and farm-centric town, it is no surprise that the residents take great pride in keeping their properties green and beautiful. Take your property to the next level with the professionals at Kenney Landscaping. With a new design or a remodel of the current space, we can add outdoor kitchens, patios, and family-oriented items like fireplaces and fire pits. Contact us today for more information or a quote on a new project.