Berkley, Michigan

Before being settled, the land that would eventually be Detroit’s suburb of Berkley, Michigan, was filled with dense forests with scattered pockets of swampland. Many people at the time deemed the areas north and west of Detroit to be unlivable and untraversable. Eventually, however, hardy explorers made their way through the seemingly never-ending marshes and found pristine flatlands past the prairies of north Wayne County. The existence of “fine farming country” in the region quickly drew attention among people living in nearby towns and cities, causing many to flock to the area, which was known as Royal Oak. The acreage that would eventually become Berkley was sold to farmers who deforested the region and started their farms. Later, in the 1910s, the Highland Park Ford Plant was completed, which drew a new wave of workers. As farms were split up and turned into subdivisions, the rising population sparked pressure for the region to incorporate as a village, which ultimately happened in 1923, and as a city in 1932.

One of the most happening places in the City of Berkley is its Downtown district. Home to many boutique and clothing shops, restaurants, retail stores, and more, this diamond-in-the-rough shopping experience is open year-round and also hosts plenty of events for the public to enjoy. A great example of one of these shindigs is the Annual Art Bash, which drew approximately 10,000 people to the city’s small commercial zone in 2016. The Bash brings local artistic talent from around the state to showcase and sell their wares, from garden art and pottery to photographs and jewelry. Art-world entrepreneurs display their creations, such as paintings and clothing accessories, with local shops having sidewalk sales.

The city also participates in the yearly Woodward Dream Cruise, a very popular classic car show in the Metro Detroit area. A classic car parade that is a signature of the city, the Berkley CruiseFest has also taken place here one day before the Dream Cruises start since 1995. In addition to the Downtown festivities, the city’s Parks and Recreation Department puts together Annual Summerfest and Winterfest events.

The Parks and Recreation Department is located at the large community center, which is packed with opportunities for residents to exercise, such as baseball fields, a walking park, and tennis courts. Just a short ten-minute drive away, one of the coolest, most innovative attractions in Detroit is tucked away in an everyday shopping plaza. VR+Zone touts itself as the best option for virtual-reality entertainment in Metro Detroit. With a ton of brand-new virtual-reality equipment such as the BattleStation, free-movement VR shooters, a 9-D VR Coaster and more, get transported to another world inside the goggles at this family-friendly tech hangout.

One thing that Berkley has in common with the rest of the country is that the residents are proud of their homes and wish to keep them looking tip-top at all times. If you live in this cozy city and are ready to have your property become the envy of the other homeowners, contact Kenney Landscaping to discuss services and receive an estimate. We take pride in making your outdoor living space look the way it does in your dreams, so let us do what we do best and get ahold of us today.