Commercial Snow Removal

‘Tis the season for snow. Here in the Midwest, we are not strangers to the weather that winter brings in. You name it, we’ll come take care of it. We offer a wide variety of services, including:

Snow Plowing

  • We offer plows of different sizes readily accessible to cater to your site’s specific requirements.

Sidewalk Maintenance

  • With a range of specialized equipment, we’ll swiftly clear your walkways, prioritizing the safety of Family members, customers, and employees.


  • Prior to a storm, anti-icing applications can be applied as a preventive measure to form a protective layer, hindering snow from compacting and freezing underneath.
  • Throughout and after the storm, we disperse salt and calcium across the area to ensure effective melting of snow and ice.
  • Additionally, we offer liquid de-icing services if required.

Snow Relocation

  • Excessive accumulation of snow can happen at any time due to heavy snowfall. To prevent further space occupancy, we’ll relocate it off-site.

Full-Service Site Management

  • We possess and manage an extensive array of equipment.
  • After each storm, a thorough daily site check is conducted to ensure quality.
  • Dependable service with around-the-clock assistance.

We offer commercial snow removal solutions in Macomb and Oakland County, as well as the wider Metropolitan Detroit region in Michigan. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our team carefully monitors various weather forecasts, enabling us to strategically deploy crews during storms. Ensuring timely site maintenance is our utmost focus.

While snow removal may seem daunting, we’re here to simplify the process. Trust us to assist you throughout the challenging Michigan winters, making the task manageable and hassle-free.