Driveway Installer

One of the most highly understated yet most statement-making parts of your property is the driveway. One of your most important investments, your vehicle, spends the majority of its time parked there, but when is the last time you gave a thought to the look or condition of the paved space right outside your home? When someone pulls up to your house, it’s one of the first things they see, and a cracked or faded parking area gives a very different first impression than a freshly paved brick, concrete, or stone drive.

Originally, driveways were just loose dirt roads off the main road where people would tie up their horses or carriages. As we know them today, driveways began appearing on homes in the second half of the 19th century as car ownership by the non-elite became more commonplace. At this time, homeowners began using loose gravel in front of their homes as the material of choice. As motorized vehicles became the norm, gravel fell out of use in favor of sturdier concrete. Today, brick pavers are considered one of the most elegant materials, although concrete use is still very common. Pavers are pieces of concrete cut to look like bricks for design purposes and are more flexible than brick when customizing designs or coloration.

Originally, brick was used for more high-end, ornate homes, but they still add some historical flair today. With modern cutting tools, using natural stone has gained popularity as well, with choices such as flagstone and fieldstone. These stones have deep earth tones and irregular shapes that lead to interesting patterning. Reclaimed granite can add an old-world touch. Each material has different benefits, such as resistance to the elements, textures, and how much maintenance is required to keep them looking good. For driveways that double as a basketball court or kid’s play area, many surface options are non-slip.

With proper care, your newly laid paver driveway can last anywhere from 25 to 100 years, make your home look more welcoming, and potentially add up to $5-7,000 dollars to your property value. When choosing your material there are also other considerations. They have different price points, and it’s important to choose one that fits the current landscape of your property for continuity and flow. Our goal is to make sure your house is the envy of everyone in the neighborhood. For those neighborhoods that have a homeowner’s association, we’ll make sure to follow their guidelines, and present you with multiple options.

A great driveway leads into the rest of your property, so why not make it just as spectacular. If you’re ready to turn your property into the luxurious outdoor living space you’ve always envisioned, and you live in Metropolitan Detroit or Oakland Counties, it’s time to contact Kenney Landscaping for an estimate. We can create something new, add to an existing feature, or revitalize areas that the elements may have affected. Our reputation and 5-star reviews reflect the hard work we put in and the high standard we expect from ourselves.