Gazebo Builder

After a long day of dealing with the stressors of the world, the perfect outdoor home addition that allows you to take a moment to sit and get away is the gazebo. These roofed structures offer a full 360° view of their surroundings. There is an opening for entry, and it makes a great spot for a hot tub, outdoor living furniture, and get-togethers. Gazebos can come in many designs, colors, and materials, so choosing the right one can seem a little scary. Luckily Kenney Landscaping has the experience to make sure your property gets the perfect romantic little add-on.

Evidence has been found showing that the first gazebos were built approximately 5,000 years ago in Egypt, where people would use them to allow vines to crawl up their outdoor structures and were used as a type of “earthly paradise” for royalty. Sometimes they would be placed on boats and even inside tombs with sarcophagi to ensure relaxation in the next world. In ancient China and Japan, they were used as a place for rest and meditation. They rose in popularity between the 15th and 17th centuries in England, where they were often erected just for their novelty. This lead to new ideas for designs and usefulness, eventually becoming a commodity for the middle-class society. A bit late to the party, the raised structures made their way to America around 1800, as our middle class prospered and were able to afford more non-essentials. Gazebos and extra-wide porches became popular on larger houses, along with other outdoor living options. Kenney Landscape is well-versed in many different options for making your home’s outdoor space how you envision it.

While traditional gazebos were made with wood, often latticed or open-faced to allow airflow, modern gazebos are made with different materials, although the overall designs are still used. Pine and Cedar are two very popular kinds of wood used to put together gazebos, although wood tends to require some treatments to ward off insects and mold. Newer models can be made of vinyl, metal, or even plexiglass. Plexiglass is extremely light and weather-resistant, although it may require support because of the lack of weight. Some people prefer metal because of its sturdiness and ability to last, although, on a hot day, it can absorb the heat and become uncomfortable. Adding a ceiling fan is a great way to keep it cool. The vinyl gazebo exterior makes the structure extremely durable, so it’s a popular choice. They are water-resistant, and the roofs are designed to protect you from the sun’s UV rays.

If your yard is missing something, but you just can’t put your finger on it, there’s a chance that it can be a beautiful, well-designed gazebo. Whether mom needs a few minutes respite from the kids or dad wants some peace along with his favorite adult beverage, gazebos have been providing a perfect micro-vacation from the hustle and bustle of homeownership for generations. If you’re looking to install one of these gorgeous shade-providing structures and you live in Metropolitan Detroit or Oakland Counties, contact Kenney Landscaping for the perfect accent for your home today.