Landscape Remodeling

Even if your house itself looks just how you want it, you may feel like something is still missing when you walk out the door. You just can’t figure it out, but it’s been bothering you like an itch in your brain. That’s when it finally hits you that your outdoor living space could use a full makeover. Too many nights have been spent watching home improvement shows that have made you think, “Wow, my home could use some love like that!” Whether you want to renovate, replace, or improve upon what you’ve already got, the options and design layouts available should have you excited to get your landscape project started. When you’re ready to pull the trigger, Kenney Landscaping is the company for you.

Landscaping is, at its core, is the art of arranging different installations and layouts of features in a properties’ outdoor space. Homeowners decide to remodel their landscaping predominantly for practical or aesthetic reasons like making the lawn more suited to their outdoor hobbies or greatly improving the property’s curb appeal. A well taken care of home is more inviting than one that looks like it hasn’t had any updates in a while and can also attract better offers if you put it on the market.

The American Society of Landscape Architects suggests that property owners should invest 10% of their home’s value in landscaping. That is not a bad investment when the return can be well over 20%. Just having a fire pit in your listing can get you an additional 2.8% of the asking price, and mentioning landscaping another 2.7%.

Landscape remodeling is split into two main types of additions, hardscape and softscape. Hardscape refers to nonliving installations such as pergolas, gazebos, patios, and pavers. Softscape refers to greenery and plant life that improves the property’s look, such as hedges, flowers, and grass. When considering a landscape remodeling project, it is important to decide what can be improved with a facelift and what needs a complete replacement.

Another option is to bring in a few new pieces that can catch the eye and seamlessly blend with the existing design. Your old patio can take on a new life with the addition of a fire pit, fireplace, or outdoor kitchen. Boring walkways can spring to life by adding decorative stone trim and lights. If your deck has seen its better days, we can create a new modern look and potentially build it on top of the existing supports and save you some money. Flowers and blossoming vines can bring otherwise non-descript areas into the forefront.

If you’ve been considering an upgrade to your property, and not sure where to begin, Kenney Landscaping is the company to make it come together. We’ll help you develop the perfect plan for turning your outdoor living space into a dreamscape and go over your options for remodeling versus replacing. When your outdoor living space is ready to be revitalized and you live in the Metropolitan Detroit or Oakland areas, contact Kenney Landscaping today for an estimate.