Landscape Remodeling

Kenney Landscaping combines hardscape and softscape to create an entirely new atmosphere through landscape remodeling. Hardscape involves structures like Patios, Pergolas, and pavers, while softscape includes greenery such as hedges, flowers, and grass.

Our expert team will help guide you through the perfect selection of hardscape and landscape needed to achieve your outdoor goals. Introduce eye-catching elements that seamlessly blend with your current design. A fire pit, outdoor kitchen, or decorative stone trim can bring new life into your patio. Dull walkways come alive with added lights and stone accents. Even aging decks can be rejuvenated and modernized while saving costs. Flowers and vines can transform overlooked spots into focal points and boost curb appeal.

Whether you need a full remodel or just a replacement, Kenney Landscaping is ready to revitalize your outdoor living space. Reach out to Kenney Landscaping for a tailored estimate today.