Outdoor Fireplace Builder

Since the discovery of fire roughly 2 million years ago, it has had an important place in our lives. From heat to cooking to a place for social gatherings, a roaring fire can provide safety and security in ways other things can’t match. From humble beginnings as nothing more than a hole in the ground or an arrangement of sticks and stones, today’s outdoor fireplaces have several material and style options, and Kenney Landscaping can help you decide which fits your home perfectly.

Once the decision to install an outdoor fireplace is made, there are some considerations to keep in mind. The choice of where you want it is very important; you can opt for a nice quiet spot away from the house or on the patio with some cushy chairs around it. Next, it’s time to pick the materials, and popular choices are stone, brick, metal, or some combination of the three. They have different benefits and levels of upkeep such as cleaning or buffing, and different design options. While brick and stone were historically used because of their sturdiness, metal has proven to be the most malleable and customizable for the overall look.

When deciding on the layout, it is important to think about how your time can be spent around it. Free-standing models with their own built-in chimney have caught on in recent years, allowing for a warm, gorgeous fireplace to make an interesting, inviting centerpiece for your home. On the other hand, styles where the entire fire is elevated at least a few inches off the ground, allow for better airflow to keep the flames roaring and make cleanup easier. These models tend to produce less smoke, which is better for the environment. If children enjoy the heat of the blaze with you, we can add a gate to the access point of the flames to avoid a child’s curiosity getting the best of them. Family members can enjoy the health benefits of a fireplace, as watching the flames flicker lowers blood pressure and promotes a sense of calm.

With so many models, it can be a bit overwhelming when taking on a project like installing a fireplace. Picking the type of fuel brings another set of options to choose from. Wood has been the top choice since fire has been controlled, but modern models can also be fed by propane, natural gas, or bioethanol, none of which need to be continuously prodded and fed like wood-fed fires, and their cleanup is fast and easy. Additionally, there’s no need to chop or store firewood with gas units, and that can eliminate an attraction for pests and mold.

For homeowners, an outdoor fireplace is a great reason for having a get-together with friends and family. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, warming up during Christmas, or just enjoying a random Wednesday, watching the flames glow and dance is sure to make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside. When residents of Oakland and Metropolitan Detroit Counties are ready to make the change from “want” to “create,” it’s time to contact Kenney Landscape to bring your vision to life.