Outdoor Kitchen Builder

Extend your culinary ventures outside with our outdoor kitchen design and build services! Make the most of your Michigan Summer by spending the evening cooking dinner for the family, entertaining friends at sunset, or grilling hotdogs for the kids. Kenney Landscape is here to help you achieve the ultimate outdoor kitchen.

When selecting materials for your ideal outdoor kitchen, remember the distinctions between indoor and outdoor settings. Outdoor appliances are typically stainless steel, while stone countertops are preferred for their weather resistance. For cabinets, you have diverse options. To add variety beyond stainless steel, you can opt for a colorful marine-grade polymer, like plastic. This material is favored for its UV resistance and capability to endure repeated rain without harm, a trait lacking in many conventional materials. For a tailored touch, stone cabinets utilizing a cement block or metal frame offer a robust, weather-resistant, and appealing appearance.

Whatever your outdoors kitchen dreams are, Kenney Landscaping will bring them to life through our expert designers and builders.