Patio Builder

One of the best ways to use the outdoor area of your property is having a patio. The word was taken from the Spanish word meaning “courtyard.” Modern American versions look somewhat different than the patios of the Mediterranean countries from which they originated. Those were typically enclosed by buildings and used to keep animals safe at night and later as an outdoor living room. Today in American homes, a patio is normally a raised slab-type space used for sitting, eating, cooking, and more and is unlikely to be surrounded by buildings on more than one or two sides.

Kenney Landscaping can construct patios with a wide array of materials. The most commonly used of these are concrete or stone slabs, called paving flags, and they can also feature bricks, pavers, tiles, cobbles, or gravel. Patios have recently been installed with parts made with recycled glass and aluminum, alumawood, and acrylics. When slabs are selected, different types of concrete can be chosen, which are available at different price points. There are basic, stamped, and aggregate concretes, with different benefits, such as the lowest price for basic, most customization for stamped, and a unique design for aggregate. As an added benefit, you can expect a return on your investment of about 80%.

Depending on how you lay your patio out, the possibilities are nearly endless. It doesn’t take much room to put a barbecue on a smaller patio, and on a larger one, an outdoor stove, flat grill, or a complete kitchen fits the bill. Americans love a good barbecue, so why not enjoy sitting around, making memories on custom furniture. Today’s offerings are a far cry from our grandparent’s choices. A covered patio is a perfect place for family dinners, a get-together for drinks with friends, and s’mores around a fire pit, regardless of the weather. For those with a competitive streak, the level surface is also perfect for a game table such as ping-pong, foosball, or pool, so you can get your game on even while getting some sun. You can add the ultimate in relaxation with a hot tub and an outdoor shower.

Speaking of getting sun, Americans have been spending more time outside now than they did before the Covid-19 pandemic started. At about 17 hours a week, it is three hours more than before. This can be attributed to the fact that spending time outside provides a much-needed emotional boost in the face of the depression and loneliness that months of quarantine have caused. This boost is partially thanks to the Vitamin D provided by the sun’s rays, which is an important for maintaining a healthy immune system.

A backyard without a patio these days feels empty. There are so many choices, from style, size, materials, and type of concrete to color schemes and accents. Luckily for Metropolitan Detroit and Oakland Counties, Kenney Landscape is here to install the kind of patio that acts as an extension of your perfect home. Contact us today for estimate, and let’s discuss the many services we offer for your dream backyard.