Pergola Builder

Pergolas have existed since ancient times but only entered the English vocabulary around 1640. They are shade-providing additions to properties’ outdoor areas that can be freestanding or extend off of another structure. Originally used to cover roads or walkways or as extensions of buildings, it was only in the last century that they have become popular in gardens and well-kept yards. They are often confused with arbors, which are most often wooden bench-style seating with plant-covered panels that come together to form a frame. Pergolas are larger than arbors and can contain passageways, walkways, or a sitting area. Today they are an outdoor feature, often made of wood, with vertical posts supporting panels, sometimes latticed, that can be covered with plants and vines.

Larger pergolas may connect multiple pavilions, or a building to other outdoor property features such as a pool or garden. They can also be freestanding, allowing for drafts to breeze through and the perfect combination of sun and shade. Many pergolas are covered in plants, especially the climbing variety, and can maintain a lush, beautiful look year-round.

While traditional versions were made of wood, modern examples can be made of aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl. Wood still provides a classic look, but it can require yearly paint or stain to prevent rot and retain its color. Aluminum holds up to the elements well and can be colored with a powder coat to a custom color of your choice or even to resemble wood. Vinyl models are the easiest to maintain, often with small details to help accent the rest of the home.

The benefits of installing a pergola on your property are practically endless. They can add a sense of definition to your yard, especially if you don’t have a deck or patio. For those who already have structures, a pergola can add shade and a bit of green to them. They can cover a dining area, lounge space, or fire pit. As an extension of your home, why not create a shaded outdoor game room. Who doesn’t like a game of chess or checkers in the fresh air? Want to get a bit more physical, invite friends over for a shaded game of cornhole. These structures are also excellent for adding a bit of privacy while still allowing for light to get through, which is a wonderful benefit for those who add a hot tub. In modern homes, most additions reap great returns on your investment. A pergola is expected to get you back up to an 80% return in areas with booming markets.

No matter what the size of your yard is, a pergola can add some shade and a sense of sophistication to your home. It can seem like the palace of the neighborhood, with finely architectured support posts. Whatever your outdoor living space needs are in the Metropolitan Detroit or Oakland areas, contact Kenney Landscaping and let us make your property look as beautiful as you envision it. Please take a look at our reviews and be prepared for top-quality results and incredible customer service.