Popular Outdoor Projects To Add In The Fall

Nov 4, 2021

Great Hardscaping Projects To Add In The Fall

People often associate being outdoors with the Summer months. When it comes down to it, though, the Fall can be a much more pleasant time to spend outside; the sun is less harsh, and the air is crisper. The average American has been spending 14 hours a week outside, a 3-hour jump from before the pandemic began. With the extra time spent outdoors, you may want to think about revamping your property, and the nice Fall weather makes for a perfect time to start adding in new hardscaping.

Fall is a great time to add functional hardscaping like driveways and walkways. Those projects can drastically upgrade the appearance of your property. Plus, the start time means the project can be finished ahead of the snow or ice. Walkways give a trustworthy tread to keep you from slipping as you walk out to the street. Driveways provide a similar feature for your car, ensuring the vehicle remains on a level and stable surface. The driveway could also be angled to disperse rainwater that would otherwise gather that can form mud or ice.

A patio is another worthwhile investment. The beautiful design encourages people to spend more time outside. That’s been scientifically proven to relieve stress, boost your immune system, and even improve memory. The outdoor area is less likely to be used if it’s just grass and dirt. Patios also extend the living space of a home, creating a clean feel where you can see what you’re stepping on. They also open up the area to build upon, adding in other features.

One useful feature you could add to the patio, for example, is a pergola. That can be a free-standing structure of columns supporting a roof that provides a bit of shelter, or a similar structure can be attached as an extension of the building. The roof can be solid or have beams and rafters woven into a grid-like fashion. People tend to associate pergolas with the Summer, since they provide some relief from a hot sun, but they’re just as useful in the Fall and Winter. When snow starts to fall, they serve as protection. You can also add in furniture to create a space where you can sit together outside. That way, even if it’s snowing, you can still wrap up in a blanket and enjoy some hot cocoa outside with the pergola protecting you from the weather.

Another great addition to the backyard is a fire pit. It can serve as a fantastic crowd-pleasing centerpiece to gather around. There are many options to choose from when it comes to the shape and the materials used in it. For instance, you might choose a circular stone pit, a square design with a glass casing, brick surrounding a dug-out hole to resemble a water well, or even an irregular squiggled shape made of concrete. You can specialize what goes in the fire pits, too, picking out decorative stones to surround the blaze, or perhaps glass marbles that reflect the flames’ dance. The heat it generates can warm you on the chilliest of fall nights, along with some hot, roasted marshmallows.

If you’re already making plans to renovate your landscape in a way that encourages people to spend more time outside, you may want to consider adding in something that lets you spend the whole day and night out there: an outdoor kitchen and entertainment system. Fall is the perfect time to throw some burgers on the outdoor grill while you look over to the football game on the TV. You can also have a full stove and oven installed outside and cook a full meal right there on your patio as your family cozies up to watch a movie on the outdoor couch.

Additions to your hardscape can create a massive spike in property value, leading to a high return on investment. Realtors estimate firepits have a 67% ROI and patios at a 55% return. They also make a good investment in your happiness, creating more opportunities to make special memories with your family and friends.

When you decide what your outdoor area can look like, make sure you choose a reputable company to carry out your vision. Aim for a company that prioritizes quality and one you know you can trust. A sloppy job defeats the purpose of redesigning a landscape. At Kenney Landscaping, we constantly strive for perfection and pride ourselves on the exquisite creations we’re able to execute. Contact our locally-owned business today to start planning your luxury landscape.